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site refurbishmenT

ID - Corporate Signage Support offers a complete refurbishment service, working with clients to determine the best strategy on a site by site basis.

A key element in strong branding is maintenance of all signage in "as-new" condition. Despite regular maintenance, sites can start to appear jaded or just outdated. With ever demanding “green” solutions being sought, that are both environmentally friendly and cost efficient, there is a good case for the refurbishment of signage and corporate branded elements as an effective alternative to replacement.

A good example was a requirement for work on the underside of a canopy which was initially considered a recladding job. As an alternative, iD sugggested cleaning, repairing and repainting - a solution which offered lower cost, no scrap and an increased warranty on the finish (the cladding manufacturer offered a one year warranty whereas the paint manufacturer offered two years due the the modern formulation of the paint chosen).

Another example would be upgrading and refurbishment of petrol forecourt price signs to incorporate LED price display systems. Much of the existing structure of the sign is reutilised, the display panels and LED unit are manufactured remotely and installed on site, thus providing an effective, efficient alternative to new signage.

The ID - Corporate Signage Support refurbishment service includes:

  • Initial survey of the site with full assessment of risks
  • Scheduling of all work (in the context of the overall requirements for multiple sites)
  • Cleaning, repairing and painting
  • Installation of new/refurbished signage
  • Upgrading and replacement of electrical components.
  • Upgrading existing signage to LED displays


Empower your brand with site refurbishment by ID
The result of refurbishment ....

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